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In 1998, Nurse Prescribing was nationally introduced resulting from the first Crown Report of 1989 and the Cumberlege Report of 1986 both by the Department of Health. The Medicinal Products Prescription by Nurses etc Act of 1992 served as the legal framework that gave way to As the nurses were already contributing to the prescribing decision; particularly around wound care products, enabling them to prescribe would be a more effective use of resources. An advisory group went on to produce The Crown Report DOH, 1986. The paper 'Independent Nurse Prescribing' focuses on independent nurse prescribing which had been on agenda for a considerably long time. In 1989, the legislative recommendation for endorsing nurse prescribing came into force, and community nurses were able to prescribe

Nurse prescribing essays:

Hence it is in the practitioners job description as it is increasingly in many specialist/autonomous nursing roles to become a Nurse Independent and Supplementary Prescriber NISP. The Cumberlege Report 1986 suggested that nurses should be able to prescribe independently and highlighted that patient care could be improved and resources used more effectively by doing so. Independent prescribing is defined as “prescribing by a practitioner e.g. doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist responsible and accountable for the assessment of patients with undiagnosed and diagnosed conditions and for decisions about the clinical management required, including prescribing” DH, 2006 p2. Safe Prescribing Essay. Practicum Journal Safe Prescribing. There is probably no greater responsibility that the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner assumes than the responsibility of prescribing medications. While someone can be harmed by psychotherapy, the level and intensity of the harm generally does not come to the same level of harm that can occur from improper prescribing.


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The essay picks one area of the community nurses’ role and explores the impact of that role on patient care. The role that will be analysed is nurse prescribing. The essay includes the key policy drivers behind the area of development and includes the analysis of factors such as inter-professional working and user involvement. Community Nurse Prescribing 2332 Words 10 Pages. This paper aims to explore the role of the V100 nurse prescriber. The development of nurse prescribing will be outlined, followed by a reflective case study in which ethical and legal implications will be discussed and finally a reflective conclusion will be drawn.


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Get Your Custom Essay on Prescribing in Practice Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper This report outlined the need for a nurse to become a prescriber especially in community settings to provide clients with better care, safe and practical access to medication Nuttal, 2008. This essay discusses the evolution of nurse prescribing in the context of legislation and political element, with the consideration of how this has changed and assisted the clinical nurse specialist role, with particularly emphasis on Heart failure.


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