How to write your name in mayan glyphs

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Writing Your Name with Maya Glyphs / Creating your Mayan Glyphs Tattoo. The Mayan Word/Name Translation is done by using the phonetic eulogistic translation. It means that a suitable Maya glyph is allocated by the sound of letters. Examples of Mayan writing have been carefully studied for at least a hundred years, the system was not deciphered until relatively recently. The Maya used glyphs to create books about their gods, leaders, major happenings, and daily life. These books were made of soft bark and folded like a fan. A Maya book is called a codex. The plural of codex is codices. The Maya used both drawings and hieroglypic symbols to write in their books. Into Mayan Glyphs This translator will allow you to input your own language, be it English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc. and immediately see the output printed out in Mayan Glyphs. This output is unique on the world wide web.

How to write your name in mayan glyphs:

I found a pretty cool site that shows you how to write your name in Mayan glyphs. It's a neat little thing, so I though I;d share it. I just copied the sylables from the sylable sheet you'll know what I'm talking about when you read the site and deleted the backrounds and pasted them into one image and voila. THE BASICS OF ANCIENT MAYA WRITING Maya writing is composed of various signs and symbols. These signs and symbols are often called ‘hieroglyphs,’ or more simply ‘glyphs.’ To most of us, these glyphs look like pictures, but it is often hard to say what they are pictures of, as for example, the following CHAPTER 2 – HOW TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN MAYA GLYPHS • Step 1 Divide Your Name Into Maya Syllables • Step 2 Find Your Syllables In the Syllabary Chart • Step 3 Place the Glyphs In a Glyph Block • Some Examples CHAPTER 3 – MAYA TITLES, PROFESSIONS, AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS • Personal Titles • Traditional and Modern Maya Professions


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Mayan syllables always end in a vowel, which means, that you have to improvise a with. If your name would be Thomas, the second syllable obviously doesn’t end in a syllable, so you have to make it end, by adding a syllable with a silent vowel. Thomas - To – ma – sa Thomas, congratulations, you just gained a syllable! If you have split your name into syllables, now you move to the charts starting at page 18. There you try to find the glyphs, that represent your syllables. For the first time on the internet, a free online program that will translate your input into 3D Mayan Glyphs, using a proprietary syllabary alphabet. This syllabary type alphabet of over 100 character combinations will render the most accurate translation available anywhere!


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While the Mayan language had 100 phonetic syllables, there were as many as. Writing in Maya Glyphs - Part 1 An easily digestible guide to writing glyphs. site with a searchable database of the four codices with translation and analysis. So there shouldn't be a one-to-one correlation between the number of letters in my name and the number of glyphs used to write the Mayan.


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