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That's why writing about slipping on banana peels isn't funny. People. This post is part of our Guest Blogging contest, if you like it then why not. First and most important, if you’re overly concerned about what others will think, don’t try your hand at funny. Senses of humor are like living room couches everyone has a different opinion on what should be sitting in the middle of the room. Sure, stay true to your voice and integrity. Don’t write purely to shock. Create content that's funny without ever writing a funny thing or telling a joke. These seven guidelines will bring the genuinely funny out of you and onto. Blog. Write Here! ← 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content The.

How to write a funny blog:

In one of the books I read on how to write funny, the author suggested thinking funny. As scribes, if we can put our pens down when we’re in this mode, we may actually do. Writing funny is one of my goals but all of the subjects that interest me are serious, and quick frankly, ticks me off. A sense of humor is a huge help to a successful business. Working too hard? Want to let your inner goofball write a funny blog post? Great! Regardless of how funny you think you are, or are capable of being, use the following ways to apply the funny to your next blog post. 1 Don’t Make it This Big. Make it THIS Big. We know it’s a lie. But it’s an acceptable lie because it’s so far over the top that it’s clearly not meant to be taken literally. Because it’s an exaggeration.


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Writing a blog post is a little like driving. Nothing can prepare you for. being specific is better. How to write a blog post funny headline example. After reading this article, you will gain some useful tips that will help you write humorous content that will resurrect your blog and keep your readers waiting for.


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Use Your Introduction Wisely. The intro of your content is one of your best and easiest opportunities to be creative and fun. What's more, this is the perfect place to do it, since you want your introduction to be compelling and interesting enough to get your readers' attention no easy feat, believe me. Step 6 Write The Body Of Your Blog Post. Ideally, your introduction should have set the stage for your body content to shine. If you took the time to write a strong outline, then writing the rest of your post should be simple. Keep Paragraphs Relatively Short. Paragraphs in a blog post should be brief and to the point.


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