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Hanger Mobile for Book Report. Mobile Book Report - Students create a book report using a hanger and gift tags or cut-out shapes. HANGING MOBILE BOOK REPORT Create a mobile of the main events of the story. Parts of the mobile will represent various characters and scenes. They need to be detailed, two sided and represent the story. A. Your mobile must include cards that explain 1. the characters in your book 2. the settings 3. a plot summary 4. the main problem My 4th Grader has a book report due each month. This month her report was to be done on a mobile, we decided to make it a Hanger Mobile. Here is How We Did It Book Report Mobile Supplies Needed Hanger Printer paper Construction Paper or Scrapbook Paper Elmer’s glue Ribbon, Twin or yarn Instructions.

Clothes hanger mobile book report:

Here is what your mobile should include Frame/Hanger Your mobile should be able to hang from the ceiling or on a rope. Coat hangers are great frames, but feel free to get creative and use something that specifically applies to your book stick, dowel, wand, cane, etc. Please consider weight – nothing too heavy! Book Report Mobile Hanger Template Hanger Mobile For Book Report, Top Thesis Writing Sites For Mba Examples Of Dissertation Topics, Hanger Mobile For Book Report Books School And Language Arts, My Grader has a book report due each month. This month her report was to be done on a mobile, we decided to make it a Hanger Mobile. Over 26 fun. Clothes Hanger Book Report Mobile. SOURCE Performing in Education. This creative project doesn’t require a fancy or expensive supply list. Students just need an ordinary clothes hanger. The body of the hanger is used to identify the book, and the cards on the strings dangling below are filled with information about the book, like characters.


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But if you want to meet the best women in your area, that's exactly what your profile needs to accomplish. These 13 short dating profile examples will make you. This Clothes Hanger Book Report works with any fiction book! It's incredibly detailed, so students can complete every aspect of this project independently! First, students complete a draft packet while reading their books. They'll fill the packet with details about the plot, setting and.


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